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From Herbert Dürr <>
Subject Re: Ubuntu Build Instructions
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2013 15:29:02 GMT
On 31.01.2013 15:55, janI wrote:
> but it still highlight the problem I had in the beginning...our wiki has
> really much valuable information, but to an extent it is shadowed by
> identical information which are not maintained.
> I searched for ubuntu build instruction way back, and as you can imagine
> got confused. Thx. to the brilliant help from this list I got it up and
> running.
> I hope we in the short future can get our wiki a bit streamlined (I am not
> thinking about removing information, but simply mark it as outdated, with a
> link to the newer information.

I totally agree and try to do it whenever I stumble over something like 
this. I'd also suggest to reuse pages even if they contain obsoleted 
content. If their title is general purpose,  is linked to from many 
other places and easily findable then updating them is a better solution 
IMHO. If anyone needs to access their older outdated content it is good 
to know that it is still available via Wiki's wonderful page history 

> @herbert regarding buildbot, I can see your point and agree with it.
> However I still think we should document exactly how our binary
> distributables are made. I have actually not been able to produce an exact
> match yet where I have tried. When people want to play with the system it
> is nice to have a stable start like rebuilding the release and the same
> result.

For the exact configuration switches please see the page [1] I linked to 
in my previous mail. To create an exact match on Linux you'd have to 
install the "oldest common denominator" system that is used to build 
releases. We can ask Ariel to provide all the glorious details of this 
system, AFAIK they are plain RHEL5 and RHEL6, right?

These old systems are great for building maximum-compatibility releases, 
but IMHO they are not much fun For developing. I personally love having 
up-to-date versions of gdb, valgrind, perf-tools, git-svn, btrfs 
snapshots, KVM/virtualbox, python, etc. but maybe that's just my 
personal disposition.


I'm looking forward to see and talk to you on FOSDEM this weekend!

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