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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice for AIX
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 22:04:20 GMT
Am 01/17/2013 03:13 PM, schrieb Rob Weir:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 3:59 AM, Андрей Белокозов<>wrote:
>> Hello! My name is Andrey. I work in a company "Nation Information of
>> Technologies" in Kazakhstan. I need to install Apache OpenOffice on AIX
>> 5.3. I know that Apache OpenOffice don't support for AIX officially. Is it
>> possible to build special installer for AIX? Can you help me or send to me
>> some links to resources that describe process of building and installation
>> Apache OpenOffice on AIX.****
>> **
> Thanks for contacting the Apache OpenOffice project.  Currently there is no
> one maintaining the AIX port of OpenOffice.  This means it would require
> some development work to get the current OpenOffice code to compile and run
> on that platform.
> You can find more information on porting here, including links to technical
> information:
> If you have a serious interest in an AIX port and are willing to help with
> the technical work, it might be worth us posting a "call for volunteers" on
> our project blog, to see if anyone else is interested in helping with an
> AIX port.  If another 4 or 5 people are interested in helping, and they
> have the right skills, then this could be possible.   That is how open
> source software works -- finding the critical mass of people willing to
> work together on the same task.

A litte addition:

The last real activities on the AIX port were in 2003 and IMHO the 
leader was Ken Foskey:

Maybe he is still available via the mail address and could help you.



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