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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: OO / unsubscribed posters
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 22:35:20 GMT
Hagar Delest wrote:
> Again, few had noticed that OP was not subscribed.
> There had been talks some weeks ago about changing the headers to make a
> dedicated one for moderated messages since the delivered-to header was
> not designed to be used more than once in a message. But no change after
> the list address change.
> Could it be a priority for the near future to improve (very) new users
> experience?

It has been a priority of mine, but the results are not encouraging.

A couple months ago, in November, I contacted Infra to find out whether 
this was feasible and it isn't. These are the three options I gave them:
a) Adding an "X-Apache-moderated: yes" header or similar when a message 
is held for moderation ("Delivered-To" will occur multiple times and 
won't work)
b) adding a "[moderated]" tag at the end of the subject
c) setting Reply-To to list+sender instead of list only in this case

Neither of this is feasible with ezmlm-idx, the software we are using.

Well, it's software, then... I subscribed the ezmlm-idx list, and I sent 
a similar request to them. You can see it here:
(you can see only the title at the moment because their site crashes, 
but needless to say I got no answers).

So, to the best of my knowledge and effort, we can't improve this 
situation. Of course, if somebody wants to submit a patch to ezmlm-idx 
this might be better received than my request, but the latest release of 
ezmlm-idx dates a few years back...

The best advice I can give at the moment is to use "Reply All" when 
someone is clearly new here.


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