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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Error Building module hsqldb - Installation Source Code in AOO
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 20:47:56 GMT
Hello Michael;

----- Messaggio originale -----
> Da: Michael Lam
> Inviato: Domenica 27 Gennaio 2013 14:52
> Oggetto: Re: Error Building module hsqldb - Installation Source Code in AOO
> I had the same issue but it was due to JDK7, I switch and it is working 
> but I have a question about how the java libraries are included. As 
> mentioned by Kay, the current version of hsqldb is quite old. The latest 
> is 2.2.9 and the same goes for Lucene the included version is 2.x 
> whereas the latest is 4.1. How come the jar is being created as part of 
> the build process instead of just pulling a prebuild version?

Support for using the newer versions of hsqldb is in the Hg branch in the
older Oracle repository. Unfortuantely there was something very broken
there so we didn't import it for AOO 3.4. The code needs reviewing.

Configure can be instructed to use pre-built versions of most tools.

In FreeBSD we use something like this:
--with-system-lucene \
--with-lucene-core-jar=${JAVALIBDIR}/lucene-core-3.6.1.jar    \

However, you must make sure that you are using a version that is
compatible with the one we carry. We may have to update lucene's
support to be able to use the new versions (I opened BZ issue
121457 with some comments from the Lucene core guys about that).

> On a similar note, I had an additional issue with the build complaining 
> about the dmake that is pull down by bootstrap being an invalid bzip2 
> file, not sure if other people ran into the same issue. I had another 
> copy of dmake on my machine and I just applied it to get pass the issue. 
> All of these were done from a fresh checkout from SVN.

Dmake is a build tool that we don't maintain in Apache and we hope to
deprecate one day..

It was moved here:


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