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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Fake OpenOffice site?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:50:56 GMT
On 2012-02-01 9:01 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 8:09 PM, Shane Curcuru<>  wrote:
>> No, that website and any related websites are not affiliated with the Apache
>> Software Foundation, the Apache OpenOffice podling, nor with the
>> software product.
>> We strongly recommend that you do not do business with the owners of that
>> website.
>> Past releases of software products are available at:
>> Note that while the product does not have any future release
> Products don't have release plans.  Projects do.   If you see the code
> starting to have a release plan of its then own please enter a defect
> in Bugzilla so we can fix any emergent intelligence that got into the
> code.
>> plans, this Apache OpenOffice project plans to use most of the code from
>> that product to create a great new - and always free - office productivity
>> suite.  You can learn more about this podling's plans for the future Apache
> This is a very tortured way of expressing some very simple facts that
> should be known by route by every PPMC member:

Sorry about my possibly convoluted phrasing if anyone besides Rob was 
confused by it, but my message was primarily focused at people not on 
the PPMC, and on anyone reviewing this thread in the archives. 
Similarly, besides the phrasing, I would be astounded if any PPMC 
members weren't aware of all this, and I see that another committer here 
already answered the user's question while I was writing my reply.

> 1) Oracle contributed the source code and trademarks to Apache

Really?  I thought Oracle granted a license of most of the source code to Apache, not all of it.  If they had 
granted a license of all the source code, we'd probably be about a month 
further along in the schedule, maybe?  But we've done amazing work 
filling in the pieces and making the current Apache OpenOffice releases 
work while ensuring we only use permissively licensed code.

- Shane

> 2) We have an project here at Apache working on the next version of OpenOffice.
> I'd encourage us not to try to be too clever in expressing these basic
> facts.   In particular, we are not creating a "new office productivity
> suite".  If we were it would be called version 1.0, not 3.4.  In fact
> everyone involved in this project has been consistent in saying that
> our initial Apache release would be a modest completion of the earlier
> 3.4 beta.  So I have no idea why you would feel
> entitled to start delivering your own, conflicting marketing message
> on this point.
>> OpenOffice product here on their blog:
>> Reminder: if the domain name does not end in "" or
>> "", then the domain you're looking at is almost certainly not
>> affiliated with the ASF or this podling, nor with
>> Note also that Apache projects are *always* offered for free download. If
>> you ever see an Apache (or product offered with strings
>> attached, or where payment is required, please consider coming to an
>> website to get a free copy.  There are companies that sell
>> support contracts related to Apache software products, or training, or the
>> like - but you should never have to pay to download and install an Apache
>> software product.
>> Thanks for the tip.  It's likely we'll be contacting that domain owner to
>> complain about their confusing links using our logos and products.
>> - Shane Curcuru
>>   VP, Brand Management
>>   The Apache Software Foundation
>> On 2012-02-01 6:37 PM, Nardia Keenan wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> Is this site part of It has the seagull logo but says it's
>>> free then asks for money
>>> Thank you
>>> Nardia Keenan

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