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From drew <>
Subject How to edit the web pages found on the .services sub domain
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 02:31:45 GMT

Alright seems I'm being a bit dense tonight..

I want to edit a page on the web site - I have not done this before.

- I've got the web bookmarlet set in my browser.
- I have my credentials

The page I want to edit is

(I want to remove the entry for bulk books)

So I browse to the page.
I click on the bookmarket 

This logs me into the CMS system, but not to this page. 

I think the problem is with, well between the keyboard and the chair I'm
sure, but is with wanting to edit a page in the sub-domain.

So - can anyone give a quick heads up on how I do this.

(actually I have a second page to edit also, same sub-domain so I do
need to figure this out)

Thank in advance for your help,


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