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From NoOp <>
Subject Re: Should w merge discuss@ooo into ooo-users.i.a.o ?
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2011 01:53:28 GMT
On 09/03/2011 10:07 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton 
> <> wrote:
>> By "we" I meant anyone who is seen, over there, as representing the
>> Apache ooo project or is reporting on the fate of oo.o as viewed
>> from the Apache ooo project.  There's a lot of sensitivity over
>> there, probably more than we have seen expressed here.
> Here is the post I sent to users@ooo.  It appears to have caused 
> "offense" to a LO supporter who wanted to blow off steam and go out
> in a blaze of glory.  I will grieve his loss.

A "blaze of glory"?

Yes, I am an LO supporter; I use *and* test both LO and OOo in multiple
environments (Linux and Windows). If you consider my asking you to stand
and respond to your first post on the OOo users list announcing that the
list is closing as blowing off steam, then I find both your post on the
OOo users list, and post on this list offensive.

For others interested: here is the entire thread:

and my "blaze of glory":

I'll be more than happy to compare my contributions on the OOo
users/discuss/releases list and bug reporting to yours any day that you

Here's a hint: I've been participating on the OOo users list for over 5
years on a regular basis. Ironically you even reference my posts on both
OOo and LO with regard to ECCN on this list, so I suppose that I do/have
raised valid issues at some point.

> But I do also get the sense that there are participants on the list 
> who are unaware of our overall migration efforts, perhaps starving
> for information.  This might be a good topic for a project blog
> post.
> =====
> Please note that, as part of the overall migration to Apache, this 
> list will be closed.  Based on feedback received, including from 
> participants on this list, we've decided to create a users list at
> the Apache project to serve as a continuation of 
> You are invited to subscribe to the new list by sending an email to: 
>  That Apache list is live now.  Although
> is not going to
> disappear immediately, it will eventually be shut down.    So you
> might want to finish the threads you are engaged in here, but try to
> start new ones at
>  We're
> talking weeks, not months, before the migration completes.
> =====

And that was it. This this was your *first ever* post on the OOo users
list. You pop in, do your announcement, disappear, and only reappear
when you felt someone (Larry) slighted you. Then when I stated that you
as the OP to the list needed to come back and provide answers to the
list, you blasted off your reply to me. And yes it is offensive; both to
me and to the users on that list.

Do you somehow think that the hundreds of subscribed users on that list
(there were more before the Sun-Oracle transition lost many) somehow
magically recognize the great Rob Weir? Users on that list may be
oblivious to this list, your greatness, and/or the transition of OOo to
Apache. The users there are from all walks of life, global, and may not
even be aware of the transition. You pop in as the "Apache"
representative, and disappear without answering any user questions that
might be asked. Instead you refer to other posts by supposed
'non-Apache' posters (Larry) & 'Dennis E. Hamilton' (who has also never
posted on that list until 09/02/2011) and only after the [ANN] post by you.

Just who do you think you are to walk into a mail list that has over 29
thousand posts dating back at least as far as 2002, not introducing who
you are, announcing that the list is being shut down, not providing any
further information, not sticking around on the list to answer any user
questions, and *only* respond when you feel affronted personally?
  If you couldn't be bothered to stick around and answer users questions
on the list then you shouldn't have posted in the first place. My
questions were/are valid, so why didn't *you* as the OP answer them on
that list?

I wish all of you luck. But no, I'll not simply "finish the threads you
are engaged in here, but try to start new ones at" (BTW: that's ooo-users @ for those of you reading this with on
this list with the 'encrypted email setting) simply to ask questions as
to the [ANN] posted on the list. If this is how Apache intends to treat
established users, list subscribers, and long time contributors to the
OOo user list, then yes I'll instead do so on the LO list(s).

Blaze of glory my A#$.

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