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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: What is needed for Support Forums to be fully integrated into the Apache project
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 09:55:27 GMT
>> -1. Same as Zoltan. Except if admins and moderators are PPMC themselves.
>> They are the ones who monitor the forum, know the users by reading their
>> posts and how they react.
> So you want  to continue picking your own admins and moderators,
> without ever consulting or reviewing these choices with the PPMC?

As I mentioned in another (ignored) thread, I support that moderators
are committers and admins are PPMCs.
Why should they be treated different? Every forum PPMC should propose
a new forum-committer (aka moderator) on the ooo-dev list of course.
But THEY know better than any other PPMC what the nominated guy has
done. They should be able to get 3 votes and vote somebody in.

In addition, I support the idea that moderators (aka committers) and
admins (aka PPMC) can gie the volunteer role to a user of their liking
without asking the ppmc.

> I'm not sure that is really compatible with the idea of a project-wide
> meritocracy.  You do a disservice to your own volunteers if you do not
> bring them to the PPMC, show their valued contributions and allow this
> to be recognized.  Regardless of language, you should be able to say,
> in a sentence or two, what the volunteers have contributed, etc.  This
> is a key role for all PPMC members, to be on the watch for future
> Committers and PPMC members.  So I'm not sure your approach is really
> in the best long term interest of the project.

The rule is: create a vote for them on the ooo-dev/ooo-privacy list.
Then everything should be fine, right?


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