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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [OT] What is needed for Support Forums to be fully integrated into the Apache project
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 07:51:04 GMT

>> I understand that it disturbs you that you don't know Hagar's "real" name.
>>  That is perfectly clear.
>> What I don't understand is what you expect to see done about it.
> A healthy community, and clean rules.

There are clean rules. If you want to join the PMC, you need to sign a
ICLA with your real name. Your real name is recorded and visible for
anybody with access. You can then use a handle, what Shane said

>>  Hagar confesses to using a pseudonym and chooses not disclose his "real"
>> name.
> Again, that's his (should I say her ?) choice.
> But as PPMC member, I do not accept to not be able to identify everybody,
> and I do not accept "voyeurisme" (sorry, french word, but extremely precise
> here).

How can you know i am Christian Grobmeier and this i not my pseudonym?
Just because I have a website? Or is it because I signed a ICLA, which
I could do with my wrong name? The truth is, you simply can't identify
me, because I have told you this is my real name. Of course I would
have chosen a more nice sounding name, if this were a pseudonym.

As so far the person behind Hagar has made significant contributions
to the forum. It is very likely that it is the same person at this
list who also made the posts on the forum. Onces Hagar joins the PMC
(and I hope so) he need to disclosure his real name to a private
party. Thats perfectly acceptable for me. I don't care on the name,

"voyeurisme" - what else is it than what we do somehow? expose our
real names (or likely real names) to the internet, in the hope that
head hunters can see and identify us.

Actually you don't know who will read this in 10 years. I have once
made a rock album (yes I am a musician, but not a good one; thats why
I went programming) and my new project wanted to fire me because they
have seen it on the web. They sold the album on their shop, but it was
not acceptable to have me as a programmer (because rock music is
evil). Therefore I can perfectly understand why people chose not to
throw their name around in the dear www.

>> I don't know anyone here who can do anything about that, or even wants to
>> do anything about that.
>> Now what?
> Well, I will simply unsubscribe, and stop disturbing people  :-)

Please don't :-)


> Have a nice day,
> Eric
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