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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: An invitation to committers to the OOo Community Forums
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2011 16:47:16 GMT
>> It might be different to discuss roughly at the dev forums were most
>> people know each other than in a public message boards were even my
>> grandmother might participate. At this project I heard the term "end
>> users" very often; I don't think you can use the same rules of heavy
>> geek-discussion for end users of OpenOffice.
> I agree.  But I think that just means that support forum
> admins/moderators bring such discussions over here, to the project
> mailing lists.  Honestly, if a forum volunteer is not already on this
> list, understanding what we are doing and how Apache project works and
> how the code base is developing, etc., then they will have a very
> difficult time fairly representing the project to the users.  I don't
> think the project benefits if support volunteers are detached from the
> primary project discussion list.


> And we all are at a disadvantage if
> the support volunteers are not contributing to this list.  The same
> arguments against fragmenting the project into dozens of mailing
> lists, also apply here.  Just as we would not create a separate
> ooo-support-operations-discuss mailing list, we should not encourage
> the same from happening via a forum.  The fact that support operations
> are also discussed in private only makes this fragmentation more
> problematic.
> This is really easy to resolve:
> 1) Discussions on evolving forum policies and rules must occur on
> ooo-dev.  These are tantamount to proposals, and they are subject to
> Apache Way decision making, just like any other part of the project.
> If I wanted to suggest a different editing policy for the community
> wiki, or a new moderation policy for ooo-users, I would be slapped
> down if I raised it on ooo-private.  The transparency principle
> applies equally to the forums.
> 2) Non-confidential, day-to-day operations of the forum should occur
> in a publicly-readable forum, or on a new public mailing list. I'd let
> the forum volunteers decide which.
> 3) Private discussions on confidential matters, including your
> grandmother, occur either on ooo-private or on a private forum that
> echos its posts to ooo-private.  Again, I'd let the forum volunteers
> decide which.


Sounds like a plan. And by the way, my grandmother is a nice person actually ;-)


> -Rob


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