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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for September 2011 (
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 12:18:29 GMT
I have updated the draft report:

1) Added mention of the trademark permission request we reviewed and approved

2) Added mention of the difficulties we had this month with
"bulldozing" when the discussions became heated.  (I think that is
relevant, and we should acknowledge the problem as well as steps taken
to address it,)

3) Removed the unnecessary editorializing.

Revised version is below.



* entered incubation 2011-06-13. is an open-source, office-document productivity suite
providing six productivity applications based around the OpenDocument
Format (ODF). is released on multiple platforms.  Its
localizations support 110 languages worldwide.

* Most important to address

1) Migration of the legacy website's content and
services to Apache infrastructure, including defect tracking, wiki,
forums, mailing lists, and cross-service registration using customized
software not already supported by Apache projects and infrastructure.
Successful negotiation of governance migration of user-supported
services brought under incubation.  Resolution of copyright, license
and notice for content miugrated from legacy website.

2) Completion of the IP-review portions of the incubation checklist,
which will require getting an amended SGA from Oracle to cover
additional source files; scrubbing of incompatible notices from
SGA-licensed code and resolving provenance of other existing materials
being migrated.

3) A Successful Podling Release

* Issues for IPMC or ASF Board Awareness


* Community development progress

As of 2011-09-12 there are 72 committers, with 55 on the PPMC, up from
71 and 52 at last report.  Eleven initial committers have failed to
submit iCLAs and are out of communication.

Discussion is underway with the operators of the existing user-support forums for migration of the forums into
the project, with  adjustment of governance to provide appropriate
PPMC oversight.

We have created a ooo-users.i.a.o mailing list.  A Japanese-language
ooo-general-ja.i.a.o is also starting.

We have reviewed a request for permission to use the
trademark by a German book publisher, and sent our approval
recommendation to Apache Branding.

A "Building for Linux" hackfest was announced on the
project blog and carried out over the Internet in the first full week
of September.

Although discussions on the list are currently calm, we have had cases
this month of "bulldozing" and other undesired behavior when the
discussions become heated.  The project mentors have worked diligently
to coach project members on the dangers of such behavior.

* Project development progress

The trademarks have been transferred to Apache.  The domain-name registrations are being transferred to

The legacy Issue Tracking Bugzilla has been moth-balled
as read-only and an Apache Bugzilla established for continuation of
Issue Tracking under the podling.

The main source code base has been transferred to Apache SVN and is
being actively tested and modified.  Merging of additional work spaces
from, and preservation of versioning history is being
pursued.  The current effort is focused on successful build of a
counterpart of the last complete build at

Test configurations of the forum system and the Wiki have been brought up on Apache infrastructure
fixtures.   Cutover of the forum system is anticipated as part of the migration.

Detailed planning continues on public wiki:

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