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From Donald Whytock <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for September 2011 (
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 17:09:28 GMT
I'd like to suggest this be more detailed, so it's clear where the
problems are.  That way it's easier to determine what ASF can provide
that isn't provided already.

>>> The current committers are not equipped to fully resource the migration of
>>> sites and services under Apache OOo incubation.

Does "current committers" refer to people working on the Oracle site,
or the current pool of committers in the podling?

Does "resource" mean supply time, gain access, provide equipment, have skill?

>>>  Preservation of the Wiki is in doubt because of resource and support
>>> limitations.

Is this preservation of the wiki in its current form because the
Oracle servers are going away?   Preservation of the wiki data because
it's not being done in a timely manner?

>>>  Cutover of mailing-list and registration/forwarding systems
>>> is not resourced at all.

"Resourced" as in people designated/volunteering to do it, no
comparable Apache facility, no plan, no access?

>>>  The ability to make anticipatory modifications
>>> of in preparation for staging is also limited, with
>>> volunteer support and administration of the live system possibly eroding.

Specific problems with access, skill level, available people, timetable?

Am I overestimating what has to be in a podling report?


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