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From "Manfred A. Reiter" <>
Subject Re: [ooo-user] was RE: [Was: Re: [Discussion]]
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 19:58:36 GMT
2011/8/31 Rob Weir <>:
> On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 2:51 PM, Manfred A. Reiter <> wrote:
>> 2011/8/31 Rob Weir <>:
>>> Something else to think about for the ooo-users list: file attachments.
>> The experience with the german OOo-users list have shown
>> that attachments should be banned. Today it is not an art piece
>> to save a file in net and refer to a link to it.
> Did you give the users some sort of automated error message if they
> tried to add an attachment?
> That is the part that concerns me, that we silently strip the
> attachments.  This will just lead to increased noise:
> 1) User posts message with attempted attachment
> 2) User notices attachment is missing and sends the note again, saying
> "sorry, I forget the attachment" (Users often blame themselves)
> 3) Seeing the attachment is not there again, they are angry and post
> another note, saying, "Where the #%$% is my attachment"
> 4) Helpful support person comes in and says that attachments are not
> allowed and points them to alternatives file sharing mechanisms.

I think all questions are answered ... during my rest and a day of
hard work in the fruit plot ;-)
... only to know, we had a weekly pointer ...
to "educate" people on the users list ... and it worked fine

a rough translation from google translate :

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
The etiquette of
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

What is it about?
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

Did you end up on a mailing list with a sometimes very high
Registered mail traffic. To a smooth handling
to allow this mass of mails that have some
Agreements proved. You will of the majority of participants
accepted and applied.

It is not to prescribe anything to anybody. Who
reads the rules will soon realize that all their meaning
have and simplify the handling of the list for all. However
opens up this sense is not always immediate. Wants this email
provide clarity.

A more detailed version of this text with many other
Tips can be found under;.

The eight golden rules for good contributions:
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

1st Helping people help themselves
2nd Give your real name
3rd For each question, please create a new mail
4th Answers shorten useful
5th Watch for good readability
6th Feedback in the form of a summary
7th Properly configure the mail program
8th Do not send attachments to the list

The main points in detail:
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

# # 1 # # # # to help themselves

Try first of all on-line help for
To find help. Try more keywords from the index,
not always the first hit or sit, the term,
you chose, or your problem.

You can find instructions in the documentation portal to individual
Modules, support for installation and answers to frequently
Asked Questions ("FAQ"):

The left-hand navigation bar provides a search function. Try them

The sides of the international project
Help ( more. Although in English,
they describe exactly those issues, as they also
encounters, and often very evident.

Additional help can be found on pages
Directory of (
the forum ( and
the Wiki (
A look to it worthwhile.

Maybe your question is already on the mailing list
been asked and answered. In this case, a look into the
Archive, which under or to find

If you solve your problem with these aids do not already own
could, but this preliminary work will allow you, your concerns
to describe precisely, and help provide answers to your question
to understand better. Then you should also dig deeper to some
slight fall.

Please do not forget to tell your readers, which version and what operating system you work.

Finally, you can find under
further guidance on using the mailing list and to
Logging in and out.

# # 2 # # # # Enter your real name

Please enter your first and last name in the From: line. We
like to know with whom we converse. In real life is
you look so well with the name before and forges links to
others. We find the mention of the name helps solve that
is from an anonymous group of users, a community.

3 # # # # # # For each question, please create a new mail

Participants often use the _Antwortfunktion_ the mail program,
to start a new topic. They delete the quotation as
the imported content and the subject. Remain at this
Process the (invisible) management information of the mail
receive and the mail is now the recipient within the
original issue sorted.

Imagine that you burst into a conversation with a completely different
Theme inside. Accordingly, the reaction of the other rough
. fail

So write a _neue_ mail. Many mail programs support
You here, by equating the list address in the To: field
. enter Just look to see if your mail program can also.

Give your email a title (subject) that clearly to your
Problem points, such as 'Calc (OOo 1.1RC4): cell formatting'.

# # # # # 4 # cut answers make sense

When replying to your mail program reads the old mail, provided with
Quote characters (>) again. Now you have it so easy to
. reply But delete everything, you refer to is not you. Lasse
But the paragraph to which you are replying. Your answer is
separated under this paragraph, a blank line. This corresponds to the
usual reading direction from top to bottom.

TOFU is absolutely unnecessary = (complete) T (ext your answer) O (up)
F (ullqoute so complete text of the old mail) (bottom) U. Unnecessary
is the reverse form TUFO.

Occasionally, for the participants of abbreviations phrases
used. Such abbreviations are explained here:

# # # # # # 5 Pay attention to readability

In German-speaking countries this includes compliance with the wholesale and
Sensitive. Over a misspelling nobody gets upset, a
gross disregard of spelling rules, or ignoring
Punctuation contrast makes reading the text cumbersome.

Note: On screen text reads differently than on paper.
Therefore not save the set of paragraphs. Your readers will
will thank you.

Most programs can be well-read on line break
set at 72 characters.

# # # # # # 6 back in the form of a summary

The moment where the solution to a problem requires a lot of mails
and has the final answer is somewhere in the thread (group
of messages that belong to a hidden issue), it is useful
explain in a final email to all once again how
the problem was and how it was resolved. This makes the
List archive into a valuable pool of knowledge from the other
can be used.

Proposed solutions should be followed by a brief response, the
other readers said that the proposed solution worked.

7 # # # # # # Mail program configured properly

Take a closer look at the configuration of your menus
Mail program.

Your character set should be properly declared, so that umlauts
are clearly displayed. Most suitable iso-8859-1, iso-
8859-15 or UTF-8 encoding.

The maximum line length is 72 characters, 68 are located in the
Practice of many very successful. The text of your mail is in the naked
Text (ASCII) are (often the default is HTML), the
Quote character is a '>' (greater) characters plus a space,
the labeling for an answer is a single 'Re:' plus
a space.

Unfortunately, many mail programs ignore these standards in their
Basic configuration. However, it is usually quite easy, the
switch. Please make this effort.

Please make your mail program so that no receiving / reading
confirmations are required. An email that you send will
receive about 500 times. If your comparison would be not so nice, the
To prevent confirmation mail would be in your Inbox shortly

# # # 8 # # # Do not send attachments to the list

Any mail that you send to this list will automatically
several hundred recipients forwarded. Many of them use
Modems or other narrowband connections. Therefore, the
Amount of data that goes over the list, be as small as possible (hence
e.g. Only ASCII-mails).

If a screenshot or a file necessary for understanding a
Problem, then deputy to the file on one down Sever
and post the link to load only on the list. You can also
Mail shipping offer - then just wait until someone you this
prompts to send the file via PM (private mail).

On good cooperation,
The team from the mailing list




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