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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [WWW] OOo accepted projects websites have been backed up (svn checkout) to my Apache area
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 02:32:01 GMT
Hi Kay,

> OK, I've done another svn checkout for the curretn OOo "accepted projects"
> and the put the web info (actually what the OOo site calls "source code"
> which could be a LOT of stuff), and these are now residing in
> /home/kschenk/OOoAcceptedProjects
> available to those with shell access to

I've done the same locally with my script.

Most of the OOo website uses a license called Public Documentation License 1.0.

It is supposedly MIT equivalent. What I am trying to track down is how the "Initial Writer"
is documented. Once that is done then I think the next step is to confirm that PDL can be
categorized as Category A.

I do not want to speculate about that until we can confirm how "Initial Writers" are documented,
but I am assuming that documentation contributed to OOo is OK. If the PDL turns out to incompatible
with AL2.0, but permitted on an Apache hosted or apache-extras, then we are
still good. I know the Rob wants stronger all AL2.0 docs, but for this step we are only trying
to preserve what exists now.

I have seen meta tags like this in a portion of the html: <META NAME="AUTHOR" CONTENT="<name>">.
In that case it may be clear who the initial writer, but if that is missing I am completely
clueless. How would you find this information? Did the migration to Kenai cause the loss of
the necessary information? Is StarOffice/Sun/Oracle almost always the "Initial Writer"?


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