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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 19:41:59 GMT

Le 6 sept. 11 à 20:53, Eike Rathke a écrit :

> Hi eric,

Hi Eike,

>> cd instsetoo_native
>> build --all -P6 -- -P6 -- -P6 -- -P6
> Umm.. the first -P6 for build means build 6 directories found in */ 
> prj/build.lst in parallel, the second -P6 instructs dmake to spawn
> 6 processes for targets found in each, so already build  
> -P6 -- -P6

I agree, that's a lot, but the machine is powerfull. What I  
observed:   -- separates every dual core, and the 6 processes are  
balanced on every core. The result is around 100% for every, using  
6.  5 gives something (average value) less than 100%.

It works well, but maybe I could optimize -> I'll test other values  
and I'll tell you (I remember, some times ago, Pavel wrote a very  
interesting blog entry about parallel builds)

> could create up to 36 processes, if for each directory triggered by  
> build there are at least 6 independent targets.

Sometimes,  s/6/5/ gives better results (I had some breakages with 4x6)

>> Explanation : -- to separate every core, 6 tasks per core. Don't
>> forget to use upper case (else it won't work)
> Sure that repeating  -- -P6  has any effect? Never tried that. If so,

I used the gnome tool, showing the 8 cores at around 100% most of the  
time.  If this can help, I observed that helpcontent2 is a  
bottleneck, because some jobs seems to block the other.

On the memory side, I see a top of used ram around 5GB when building  
sc / sw and sd, but never the full use of the 6GB, so.

> that would probably add to the 36 ...

No, it works. FYI, the machine is a i7 920 +  6GB  of ram / 256 GB  
SSD hard disk, really powerfull. I do build OOo4Kids for 8 locales in  
50 min (cold ccache), and 28 min (hot ccache) this way.

Extremely easy for testing a bad commit breaking the build or when  
unsure .. and so on.

> With a quad core I'm using  build -P3 -- -P2  in the background to  
> keep my machine responsive for other tasks, or  build -P4 -- -P3   
> for a bit
> heavier load.

Exact : the load is not virtual, I confirm, but since you told me,  
I'll try other values.


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