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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: [Lists] Moderation policy for ooo-users
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 19:07:54 GMT

Often common sense is enough when dealing with moderation.  Note that you (if you are a moderator)
can email all other moderators on where you can discuss
something should it be convenient.  All moderators controls (allow, add, deny, etc) are all
done via email.  If you need further help you can contact apmail@ and we can help you. 

By far the most popular reason mail may not make it to the list is that it was bounced by
one of the MXs, and this very often because the mail exceeded the spam threshold due to the
mail being sent in non text/plain (namely html). 

On 2 Sep 2011, at 19:45, Simon Phipps wrote:

> Before traffic starts showing up on the new ooo-users list, is there any process we want
or need to follow in moderating posts to ooo-users? Do I need to advise anyone when I have
bounced posts? Should I be conferring with other moderators and if so, how and when?
> Thanks!
> S.


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