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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: [repo] External sources, ICU
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2011 14:58:21 GMT
Am 10.09.2011 16:54, schrieb Eike Rathke:

> Hi Mathias,
> On Saturday, 2011-09-10 00:11:55 +0200, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> >> If we can be sure about the IP situation, we should at least add
>> >> copyright headers to the files, shouldn't we? Or put a license file into
>> >> the repository.
>> > 
>> > I'm confused now. The breakiterator data files _have_ copyright headers.
>> > Copyright IBM. Wasn't this what it is all about? Or do you mean we
>> > should add where they originated from, ICU?
>> Not all files in the module i18npool have copyright headers. For
>> example, see the data files in collator or indexentry. When we talked
>> about that some weeks ago you mentioned all of them came from ICU. Did I
>> misunderstand you?
> Apparently yes, only all breakiterator data is based on ICU files.
> The collator data files were contributed either by the Sun Globalization
> team (all CJK files) and have a Sun copyright header, or by OOo members,
> in which case a comment only states for which language/script the data
> is. Unfortunately hg log shows only the CWS integration commit comment,
> not the real commits that happened on the CWS, otherwise one could even
> dig out associated issue numbers and probably would find there the
> original contributors. Anyway, all submissions should have happened
> under JCA/SCA and thus are covered by the SGA.
> The indexentry data files were created by Karl Hong, working for the Sun
> Globalization team at that time. IIRC he used the CLDR main
> exemplarCharacters to generate them, see
> and
> individual language's charts, and added the index information. For CLDR
> data the applicable license is the Unicode Terms of Use, see
> and
> The Unicode copyright notice is included in
> readlicense_oo/html/THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html

Whatever the source of the data files in i18npool is, we should provide
them with proper license information.


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