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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: What is needed for Support Forums to be fully integrated into the Apache project
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 20:03:26 GMT
Le mar. 06 sept. 2011 17:36:10 CEST, eric b <> a écrit :
> No, Hagar introduced his pseudo, not himself.
> I wonder how we can trust people we don't know the identity ?
> Regards,
> Eric
First note that I'm not a PPMC or haven't any other role for the moment in ASF.

The key persons in the forums and some in the ASF do know my identity. The ASF gives the possibility
to get a public alias even when we sign the iCLA. So it means that there is no issue with
using an alias. That's part of the Internet.

What would be the point knowing my identity? My real name has quite no visibility on the web
because I don't have any occupation having a public aspect. I don't believe in Facebook and
so on for example so no account.

I think my credential in oooforum and forum is the only point to be taken into
account. Therefore I take your comment as rather insulting.


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