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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice most annoying bugs
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 19:02:01 GMT
Am 03.09.11 19:23, schrieb Pedro F. Giffuni:
> --- On Sat, 9/3/11, Rob Weir<>  wrote:
> ...
>> On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 8:42 AM, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
>>> Hi Marcus;
>>> The exact flag in bugzilla is 3.4_release_blocker.
>>> Not including *ALL* these 24 bugs for the next
>> release
>>> would be like saying to our contributors that we
>> don't
>>> care about them. We are talking about people that
>>> spent *their* time coding and gave the preference
>>> to contribute to OpenOffice that would now see that
>>> their are efforts better appreciated elsewhere.
>> I think we should classify the bugs based on their impact
>> on the product, not on the identity of the person who
>> submitted the patch.
> I never did detail identities of contributors. I do think
> it's important that they contain code: either by the
> submitter or by someone else that found the issue
> important enough to take the time to fix it.
> The "impact on the product" is something subjective that
> ultimately depends on the impact to the end-user, and
> here we have users solving their own problems.
> This is about meritocracy and community building too:
> one unsatisfied developer can cause huge damage to a
> project. I'll give you two real immediate examples:
> Example 1:
> - A posting in LO mailinglist from Sept 2010 says:
> "Creating a 'bug' saw no action in 3 years....
> Here is hoping that posting the patch to this
> new project will :-)"
> (There goes one developer that will probably
> think it twice before submitting new patches here)
Only because a patch it's included in LibO we should not include it 
automaticly here. There are many reasons to not include a pach.

- Lisence Problems
- The Patch is not compatible with other Operating system.
- The patch is bad programmed, eg. only supress a problem not solve it.

Apache is also about height quality development, and therefor we should 
check patchs carfully. Also from the User Aspect. If one Person has a 
problem it doesen't mean, that's the rest of the world has the same 
problem too. In same Case the "problem" is a feature of OOo. So 
sametimes there ar also political reason to reject a patch.

Yes, you will lose same people with it, but that's the live. I know, 
LibreOffice fellow the philosophie, we are open for all, but this 
philosophie is also a risk. Because you have verry soon verry different, 
maybe contrahend, inside.

Developer who are not willing to provide OS indipended code, or are not 
willing to work on code quality are no benefit for us. I know, a 
programm without developers is a dead project. But If you don't have a 
direction for a project, you will quickly loos the users. Ther is many 
many OpenSource project that was "Developed to the death"

Yes, we should integrate patchs, but the reason should be technical 
only. But Integrate patch to give people the feeling they are needed 
here, no!

Greetings Raphael

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