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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 17:00:41 GMT
Am 01.09.2011 08:32, schrieb eric b:

> Do you build mozilla from sources, or do you use pre-built binaries ?

In the Apache world OOo is built without mozilla by default.

>> "--enable-pch" speeds up the build by at least 20%.
> I never used this option. I understand pch as pre-compiled headers  
> (?),  but I'm not sure. Can you tell us more please ?

Yes, that's precompiled headers. In many modules it speeds up the build
for up to 50%, in total the speedup is approx. 20-25% or so (IIRC).

Best regards,

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