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From Eike Rathke <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 19:09:34 GMT
Hi Rob,

On Tuesday, 2011-09-06 08:47:29 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:

> I did a build overnight on a freshly installed Ubuntu 11.04 (32-bit),
> Fresh, clean, nothing extra installed.  I had to even apt-get
> subversion to get started.

Well, yes, some basic tools aren't mentioned in the guide. Actually you
could had even build OOo by downloading the source bundle generated from
hg and wouldn't had needed mercurial installed.

> 2) We should add instructions for needed edits to etc/apt/sources.lst
> so the various required apt-get's work

Strange, what did you need to edit sources.lst for?

> 4) apt-get build-dep was insufficient.  I received
> configure errors after that and had to install many packages in
> addition

I encountered only two: libpam0g-dev and librsvg2-dev
But this after  apt-get build-dep libreoffice  on Debian wheezy where is a transitional package.

> 6) The bootstrap was pulling down dependencies from Hg.  We need to
> get those into SVN or Apache-Extras, right?


> But other than that it worked well.  I build on a T60P Thinkpad, 1GB
> of Ram, a relatively old machine.  It completed without errors by
> morning.

Congrats :)


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