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From Eike Rathke <>
Subject Re: threading Re: Dissatisfaction amongst the community admins, moderators and volunteers
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 14:35:32 GMT

On Monday, 2011-09-05 15:33:13 +0300, Daniel Shahaf wrote:

> Dennis, some of your recent replies (including the one I'm replying to)
> break threading (at least in Mutt), could you look into that please?

That seems to be some general problem with MS Outlook Dennis uses that
omits References and In-Reply-To headers. Actually most of his mails
break threading, strangely enough some do not. I suspect this is somehow
due to Outlook's internal threading index "feature". Don't ask me about
details, I don't know that stuff, I just know it can cause problems.

> (The mails appear in the same thread, as a new reply to the first post
> of the thread.)

That they appear pseudo-threaded at all as a reply to the first post is
the subject threading of Mutt if strict_threads=no, which is default,
influenced by reply_regexp if sort_re=yes, also default.


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