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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Re: An invitation to committers to the OOo Community Forums
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2011 17:58:19 GMT
On Sun, 4 Sep 2011 13:51:56 -0400
Rob Weir <> wrote:

> Just so I am perfectly clear.  There should be two kinds of project discussions:
> 1) Those that are in public
> and
> 2) Those that are in private because they deal with matters that are
> sensitive, such as handling of confidential information
> There is no third category of: "Discussions behind the scene are not
> proposals; they emerge into one or more consensuses"  Discussions like
> that need to start happening in public, just like the discussions we
> are having right now are in public.  We don't reach consensus and then
> do a perfunctory post of a proposal, fait accompli.  That is not
> transparency.  From beginning to end we discuss in public.

Do you never walk to the water cooler and float something by someone else, as a preparatory
stage in working out yuour thoughts?

Rory O'Farrell <>

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