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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject OpenOffice most annoying bugs
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 02:39:23 GMT

I went through the early LibreOffice archives
checking which issues from our database they
considered for inclusion.

I have to say it was a GREAT idea to start
from the tip of the Hg development tree as
most fixes already appear closed (applied
or integrated to a CWS).

The following 24 open bugs in our database
include patches and have been integrated
(in some form) into LibreOffice:

Bug 1526 - Small Caps are different sizes twixt Word and StarWriter
Bug 7065 - A wizard for Page Numbering
Bug 61927 - WW6: exporting a document twice replaces capital danish characters with squares
Bug 76649 - sfx2: html parser support for html with missing encoding
Bug 80184 - can't add SVG draw documents to gallery via API
Bug 92341 - WW8: CTL/Thai font convert incorrectly when import from MS Office 2003
Bug 94007 - Slideshow crashes on exit (multi-screen)
Bug 95369 - Writer crash related to input fields
Bug 97332 - MS Word 95 export filter does not recognize Korean characters
Bug 100686 - wizards: Euro converter wizard don't work when searching for calc documents in
a dir
Bug 101057 - merge ww6 and wmf encoding spliter
Bug 101100 - allow -fstrict-aliasing
Bug 108846 - sfx2: gtk quick starter is still a bit sick
Bug 111741 - extras: malformed XML file
Bug 112387 - extras: updated Hungarian standard.bau
Bug 112786 - unotools: make ConfigManager a well-behaved singleton
Bug 112795 - sfx2: dock windows change position after restart of the app
Bug 112821 - configure: system mythes is not used when configured with --with-system-libs
Bug 113141 - fpicker: gtk Save As dialog should show all appropriate formats by default
Bug 113803 - Add Tower labels
Bug 113873 - Russian dictionary for integration
Bug 114012 - sd: a11y crash because ctor chain calls back into object before ctor is complete
Bug 114423 - sfx2: possible use of dangling reference
Bug 117017 - ARM optimization for armv6/armv7

Perhaps we should label them "3.4 showstopper"
or something.

Also, someone please close Bugs 96705 and 113874,
they have dictionaries under a copyleft license so
we won't be including them into Apache OpenOffice.

Of course, I may have missed some fixes, but this
should cover all the changes up to March 2011.

Also, as was to be expected, the latest commits carry
less and less OOo fixes and more bugs of their own.
Just a sign that, well ... we are diverging. 



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