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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: OpenOffice most annoying bugs
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 14:53:46 GMT
I believe there was discussion on an old thread here.  Maybe create an issue so we don't lose
it again?  

Pedro noticed this in a 2011-06-16T02:22Z post on "Re:Bootstrapping a Build"
Pedro made a Myspell suggestion (with that subject) on 2011-06-25T18:14Z but some difficulties
came up about hunspell compatibility and Unicode support.
Eike also has a note on the licensing of hunspell and treating it as category B in a note
on "Hunspell and MPL license" posted on 2011-07-19T18:42Z

There may be other issues.  These were in a folder on my desktop that I could search easily.

I would say filing an issue is definitely in order.

 - Dennis

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From: Marcus (OOo) [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2011 03:24
Subject: Re: OpenOffice most annoying bugs

Am 09/03/2011 05:11 AM, schrieb Pedro F. Giffuni:
> --- On Fri, 9/2/11, Rob Weir<>  wrote:
>> Is it worth contacting the authors of these dictionaries to
>> see if they would consider giving it a license we can use?

Simply +1.

Deleting something is easy. However, just asking could help to keep some 

> My standard boilerplate reply was:
> "Please note that we will not receive contributions under
> copyleft licenses anymore. We recommend Apache License 2.0
> to be consistent with the rest of the suite."
> I do think that having their dictionaries in OOo is a
> good motivation for them to adopt a less restrictive
> license.
> The issue here, however, is that we may want to rethink
> if we will be carrying dictionaries at all: hunspell
> is copyleft.

IMHO we had some discussions about how to continue the spell checker. 
But I cannot remember where it was.


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