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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: weird bug with order by (2.4.1)
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2016 07:48:02 GMT
Hi Marc!

Can you please try with 2.4.0?
Is the generated query the same or without the column?


On Saturday, 10 September 2016, 2:14, Marc Logemann <> wrote:

>i suspect i found a bug which has bad consequences on MariaDB not using an
>index anymore. Lets take this JPAQL:
>select d from Distribution d join fetch d.distributionContainerList where
>d.client = ?1 and d.deleted = ?2 order by d.oid desc
>My Distribution entity is quite big when it comes to 1:n relations and
>stuff. So i wont get into the details here, but this  JPAQL will result in
>the following SQL (compressed because too big otherwise):
>SELECT t0.oid, t0.jpaversion, t0.created, t0.createdby, ...
>    FROM distribution t0 LEFT OUTER JOIN dist_altfrom t1 ON t0.altfrom_oid
>= t1.oid
>        LEFT OUTER JOIN clients t3 ON t0.client_oid = t3.oid LEFT OUTER
>        cmrcarrier t17 ON t0.cmrcarrier_oid = t17.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN
>        t20 ON t0.empf_country = t20.isocode2 LEFT OUTER JOIN users t21 ON
>        t0.user_oid = t21.oid INNER JOIN dist_container t24 ON t0.oid =
>        t24.distribution_oid LEFT OUTER JOIN countries t2 ON =
>        t2.isocode2 LEFT OUTER JOIN address t4 ON t3.address_oid = t4.oid
>        OUTER JOIN bankaccount t6 ON t3.bankaccount_oid = t6.oid LEFT OUTER
>        JOIN communication t7 ON t3.communication_oid = t7.oid LEFT OUTER
>        persons t8 ON t3.cperson_oid = t8.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN bankaccount
>        ON t3.nnbankaccount_oid = t10.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN workplaces t11 ON
>        t3.workplaceoid = t11.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN address t18 ON
>        t17.address_oid = t18.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN communication t19 ON
>        t17.communication_oid = t19.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN persons t22 ON
>        t21.person_oid = t22.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN workplaces t23 ON
>        t21.workplaceoid = t23.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN distribution t25 ON
>        t24.old_distribution_oid = t25.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN countries t5 ON
>        t4.country_id = t5.isocode2 LEFT OUTER JOIN communication t9 ON
>        t8.communication_oid = t9.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN balance t12 ON
>        t11.balance = t12.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN balance t13 ON t11.balance2 =
>        t13.oid LEFT OUTER JOIN clients t14 ON t11.client_oid = t14.oid
>        OUTER JOIN printer t15 ON t11.labelprinter = t15.oid LEFT OUTER
>        printer t16 ON t11.laserprinter = t16.oid
>    WHERE (t0.client_oid = ? AND t0.deleted = ?)
>    ORDER BY t0.oid DESC, t24.distribution_oid ASC LIMIT ?, ?
>Just look at the order by clause in the SQL. It correctly used t0.oid
>because JPAQL said so. But why on earth is there another order clause with
>the field "t24.distribution_oid" ?? This is a back reference for a 1:n
>relation from Table "dist_container" back to "distribution".
>The real problem is: as soon as there is another sorting parameter from a
>joined table, MariaDB doesnt use my ForeignKey Index anymore and does a
>FULL-Scan on the t24 table, which is pretty heavy on a multi million
>records table. When i leave out that ugly t24.distribution_oid ordering
>field, everything is fast and ok.
>Can anyone explain to me how this ordering field gets into the picture?

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