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From Marc Logemann>
Subject Re: Detached entities, version attribute and optimistic concurrency control
Date Sat, 14 Nov 2009 08:51:01 GMT

i dont get why you manually want to modify the JPAVERSION attribute.

If you dont want to keep the detached object in the session (thats  
what we do), you
must at least remember the OID (object id) of the Document, find it  
again from the
persistenceManager and then do the changes on the object and
persist/merge again.

Manually setting the version attribute makes no sense at all because  
you really want the
ORM layer to manage the version attribute and only he knows best when  
modified your data and throws an OptimisticException when this happened.

Regarding the bloated HTTPSession. We just speak of a CRUD based  
application where
you are just on the way modifying a record dont you? How big can the  
object model
for that specific GUI can be? After that you can easily remove the  
detached entities
from the session.

Marc Logemann

Am 14.11.2009 um 09:38 schrieb Nikhil Patwardhan:

> Hi,
> I'm new to OpenJPA and I have been trying to create a small prototype
> demonstrating how I can use it as a JPA compliant persistence  
> provider in a
> J2EE web applications. In one of my use cases, I do the following:
> 1) Look up an entity(Class name:Document, for instance) using em.find 
> () in
> the service layer. The entity has a version field.
> 2) Detach the entity by closing the em.
> 3) Pass the detached entity to the presentation layer (a JSP) which  
> shows a
> screen to update various fields of the entity. The UI also has a  
> field for
> the version attribute which is sent back on submit.
> 4) Submit the data back, create a new Document object, set the  
> fields and
> call em.merge(document) inside a transaction.
> This code fails in step 4 with the following exception when I try to  
> set the
> version attribute on the Document object before calling merge().
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> org.apache.openjpa.persistence.InvalidStateException: Detected  
> attempt to
> modify field "core.persistence.Document.docVer" with value strategy
> "restrict".
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Am I missing something here? My approach here is to set the version
> attribute obtained from the UI on the entity to be merged so that  
> optimistic
> concurrency control would come into play to find out
> if the entity has been updated since the last read. If version  
> attribute
> cannot be set on an entity, I might have to keep the detached entity
> obtained from find() in HttpSession and then use it when the updated  
> data is
> submitted. But I'm wondering if keeping entities in session is a  
> good idea,
> as it can make the session bloated with entities.
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