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The BPEL Management API is an API for managing running process and instances.. Primarily, the API provides facilities for:

  1. listing deployed processes
  2. modifying process properties
  3. listing the active instances
  4. inspecting instance and scope state
  5. inspecting and manipulating variable data

The API is located in the [org.apache.ode.bpel.pmapi] package in the [bpel-api] module. Details may be found in the [javadoc].

The entry-points to the API are the [InstanceManagement] and [ProcessManagement] interfaces. The former is concerned with tasks related to process instances (e.g. variable inspection), while the latter is concerned with process-level tasks (e.g. activating and retiring process definitions).

To employ the intefaces one needs to obtain a proxy from the BPEL
Service Provider. The procedure is described in the Connecting to the BPEL Service Provider section.

This following pages describe various management operations that can be performed using the API:

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