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Developing Ode with the Eclipse IDE

1. Build Ode first

At the root of the checkout, run

rake package

2. Generate the Eclipse project files

Still in the root,

rake eclipse

3. Import projects files into Eclipse

In Eclipse,

File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace

then select the root directory of your Ode checkout (e.g. ode/trunk)

It's generally recommended to have a dedicated Eclipse workspace for Ode, since there's a fair amount of code and projects.

Random Notes

  • You must use JDK 5.0 compiler
  • You may need to exclude .svn directories to avoid duplicate resource copying.
  • Be ware that there are quite a few things in the Buildr-based build that are not done by the Eclipse build system. You will occasionally need to run "rake" build in order to regenerate XMLBeans schemas, Hibernate mapping files, JACOB channel interfaces, etc...

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