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From Koji Kawamura <>
Subject Re: PutHiveQL (1.5.0) throws un-necessary NullPointerException when parsing the query
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:13:28 GMT
(dropped dev)

Hi Amit,

Thanks for sharing that.

The parsing query is added by NIFI-4545 in NiFi 1.5.0, to parse Hive
query at Hive related processors so that it can extract table names
into outgoing FlowFile attributes. Those attributes are used by
ReportLineageToAtlas reporting task to report Atlas that which
processor interacts with which DataSet.

Parsing query at NiFi processor is not necessary for executing the
query itself. So it just logs the exception while the query completes.

Do you have a complete stacktrace for the NullPointerException? Also,
do you mind filing a JIRA?


On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 11:27 AM, Ranjan, Amit | Amy | DPD
<> wrote:
> Hi Team,
> While working with NiFi 1.5.0, we observed that for few queries, PutHiveQL
> throws NullPointerException while parsing the query. However, the query does
> complete the execution and flow file is routes to success afterwards.
> From the observation made till now, we found that the queries containing
> back-tick(s) (`) are not getting parsed. This was not the case in NiFi
> 1.4.0. Will it be possible for you to confirm whether this is the desired
> behavior of NiFi 1.5.0.
> I’ve attached a file which contains a portion of the nifi-app.log showing
> the WARN messages of parsing exception.
> Regards,
> Amit

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