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Message list1 · 2 · Next »Thread · Author · Date [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-521 Change logic around how updated RPG logic is applied to handle all subsequent versions Mon, 01 Jun, 14:55 [nifi] branch master updated (2e45d95 -> 1ec6675) Mon, 01 Jun, 15:34 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7477 Optionally adding validation details as a new attribute of the flowfile Mon, 01 Jun, 18:09
[jira] [Created] (MINIFI-528) Add Documentation for Minifi Arm64 Docker Image
kaustav mukherjee (Jira)   [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-528) Add Documentation for Minifi Arm64 Docker Image Tue, 02 Jun, 10:13
Aldrin Piri (Jira)   [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-528) Add Documentation for Minifi Arm64 Docker Image Fri, 12 Jun, 21:01
Aldrin Piri (Jira)   [jira] [Resolved] (MINIFI-528) Add Documentation for Minifi Arm64 Docker Image Fri, 12 Jun, 21:01 [nifi] branch MINIFI-422 updated (1dd0e92 -> 04711ab) Tue, 02 Jun, 13:50 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7447: When returning an object from a Controller Service, if that object is defined as an interface, proxy that interface. This way, any method call into the object will also change the classloader to the appropriate classloader. Tue, 02 Jun, 16:14 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7312: Enable search in variable registry of root process group Tue, 02 Jun, 17:25 [nifi] branch master updated (91dd59d -> e0dd6d4) Tue, 02 Jun, 19:13   [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-7369 Adding decimal support for record handling in order to avoid missing precision when reading in records Tue, 02 Jun, 19:13   [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-7369: Consider DECIMAL type as a numeric type when using a CHOICE type in QueryRecord Tue, 02 Jun, 19:14 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (8d8f095 -> bd4454d) Wed, 03 Jun, 18:13 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (bd4454d -> acf303f) Wed, 03 Jun, 18:13 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1245 - Sleep/hibernate breaks timer driven scheduler logic. Wed, 03 Jun, 18:29 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7299 Add basic OAuth2 token provider service that can fetch access tokens when supplied with appropriate credentials. Thu, 04 Jun, 12:54 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (516e231 -> 6b75620) Thu, 04 Jun, 16:50 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7476: Implemented FlowFileGating / FlowFileConcurrency at the ProcessGroup level Added FlowFileOutboundPolicy to ProcessGroups and updated LocalPort to make use of it Persisted FlowFile Concurrency and FlowFile Output Policy to flow.xml.gz and included in flow fingerprint Added configuration for FlowFile concurrency and outbound policy to UI for configuration of Process Groups Added system tests. Fixed a couple of bugs that were found Fixed a couple of typos in the RecordPath guide Thu, 04 Jun, 21:24 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7508: Reset classloader after running TestStandardControllerServiceInvocationHandler and fix checkstyle violation on NiFiSystemIT Fri, 05 Jun, 20:23 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7467 Refactored S2S peer selection logic. Removed list structure for peer selection as it was unnecessary and often wasteful (most clusters are 3 - 7 nodes, the list was always 128 elements). Changed integer percentages to double to allow for better normalization. Removed 80% cap on remote peers as it was due to legacy requirements. Added unit tests for non-deterministic distribution calculations. Added unit tests for edge cases due to rounding errors, single valid remotes, unbalanced [...] Fri, 05 Jun, 20:41 [nifi] branch MINIFI-422 updated (04711ab -> 845b66a) Mon, 08 Jun, 16:58 [nifi] branch master updated (845b66a -> f2368a0) Mon, 08 Jun, 17:00 [nifi] branch master updated (f2368a0 -> 463d721) Mon, 08 Jun, 18:04 [nifi] branch MINIFI-422 updated (845b66a -> 463d721) Mon, 08 Jun, 18:04 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7511 In ControllerServiceProxyWrapper extended documentation. Minor refactor in StandardControllerServiceInvocationHandler. Also removed an unused import from NiFiSystemIT. Mon, 08 Jun, 20:04 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7385 Provided reverse-indexed TokenCache implementation. Cleaned up code style. Unit test was failing on Windows 1.8 GitHub Actions build but no other environment. Increased artificial delay to avoid timing issues. Tue, 09 Jun, 02:49 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1229 - Enable compression tests on Windows; enable debug build; Tue, 09 Jun, 13:14 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1250 - Remove C2Callback.H Tue, 09 Jun, 13:27 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1249 - Restore agent from persisted repo Tue, 09 Jun, 16:54 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7514: - Ensuring the group id is always set in the properties table when loading properties. - Using a common approach to getting parameters in nfControllerService. - Code clean up. - Addressing review feedback. - Ensuring the service dialog is closed when navigating to the parameter context dialog. Tue, 09 Jun, 19:26 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7490 - Add optional raw field to Syslog readers Tue, 09 Jun, 19:38 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7313:fix bug on 'Quote Table Identifiers' NIFI-7313:add test by wanghongqi NIFI-7313:edit test Tue, 09 Jun, 20:03 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7434: Add endpoint suffix to Azure storage processors Wed, 10 Jun, 15:51 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-398: Updated versions to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 1.0.0-SNAP… (#283) Wed, 10 Jun, 21:07 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1252 add gsl Thu, 11 Jun, 09:12
[jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-521) minifi-toolkit-0.5.0: "Connection with id ... has invalid destination id" confused by targetId?
Santosh (Jira)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-521) minifi-toolkit-0.5.0: "Connection with id ... has invalid destination id" confused by targetId? Thu, 11 Jun, 13:17 [nifi] branch master updated (7300845 -> a126d0a) Fri, 12 Jun, 16:44   [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-7442 Add CLI commands to the registry in order to support automatic registry setup Fri, 12 Jun, 16:44   [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-7442 Added missing use cases (list users and user groups), made update-access-policy use case more in line with the NiFi side. Added some tests. Additional refactor, documentation revision. Fri, 12 Jun, 16:44 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated (2e0970b -> 5a95f60) Fri, 12 Jun, 20:51   [nifi-minifi] 01/02: MINIFI-492 - Generic reporting tasks Fri, 12 Jun, 20:51   [nifi-minifi] 02/02: MINIFI-521 Adding missing license headers for test resources. Fri, 12 Jun, 20:51
[jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-490) Generically support reporting tasks
Aldrin Piri (Jira)   [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-490) Generically support reporting tasks Fri, 12 Jun, 20:56
Aldrin Piri (Jira)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-490) Generically support reporting tasks Fri, 12 Jun, 20:56
Aldrin Piri (Jira)   [jira] [Resolved] (MINIFI-490) Generically support reporting tasks Fri, 12 Jun, 20:56 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-528 - Added the instructions for runing the minifi docker on Arm64 based systems like RaspberryPI 4 Fri, 12 Jun, 21:00
[nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (60c463e -> bd707e4)   [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (60c463e -> bd707e4) Mon, 15 Jun, 15:01   [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (60c463e -> bd707e4) Mon, 15 Jun, 15:01 svn commit: r1878865 - in /nifi/site/trunk: people.html security.html Mon, 15 Jun, 18:54 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (bd707e4 -> 8e8d283) Mon, 15 Jun, 20:22   [nifi-minifi-cpp] 01/03: MINIFICPP-1153 Change to a temporary directory Mon, 15 Jun, 20:22   [nifi-minifi-cpp] 02/03: MINIFICPP-1260 make void_t fwd-compatible with C++17 Mon, 15 Jun, 20:22   [nifi-minifi-cpp] 03/03: MINIFICPP-1255 - Set absolute timeout and also make sure that no timeout is initialized to zero. Mon, 15 Jun, 20:22 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-7527 AbstractKuduProcessorrefresh TGT deadlock fix: Redesigned locking. Mon, 15 Jun, 21:07
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