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Message list1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Next »Thread · Author · Date [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-818 - Remove fileutils dependency from putfile tests Wed, 01 May, 22:19 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-265 Change bucket item type from Extension_Bundle to Bundle Thu, 02 May, 18:03 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: [NIFIREG-264] add droplet type to explorer/grid-list sort and filter Thu, 02 May, 18:32 [nifi-registry] branch master updated (6a45797 -> d3bebf6) Thu, 02 May, 18:47   [nifi-registry] 01/04: NIFIREG-256 Updating manage buckets page Thu, 02 May, 18:47   [nifi-registry] 02/04: NIFIREG-256 Adding icon for tooltip and condensing spacing Thu, 02 May, 18:47   [nifi-registry] 03/04: NIFIREG-256 Addressing review feedback Thu, 02 May, 18:47   [nifi-registry] 04/04: NIFIREG-256 Additional review feedback Thu, 02 May, 18:47 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6257: removing duplicate table row from administration guide Fri, 03 May, 14:06
[jira] [Created] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files
Michael (JIRA)   [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Fri, 03 May, 15:01
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Fri, 03 May, 15:07
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Fri, 03 May, 15:07
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Fri, 03 May, 15:07
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Mon, 06 May, 18:51
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Comment Edited] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Mon, 06 May, 19:22
Paul Verardi (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Wed, 15 May, 18:48
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Wed, 15 May, 18:54
Paul Verardi (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Thu, 16 May, 12:57
Paul Verardi (JIRA)   [jira] [Comment Edited] (MINIFI-498) C2 Server Error - Too Many Open Files Thu, 16 May, 12:58 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-263 Update HTML id references to data-automation-ids Fri, 03 May, 15:25 svn commit: r33894 - /dev/nifi/nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.3.0/ /release/nifi/nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.3.0/ Fri, 03 May, 19:06 [nifi-maven] branch master updated (cef7cd8 -> 50e92c0) Fri, 03 May, 19:09   [nifi-maven] 01/01: Merge branch 'nifi-maven-1.3.0-rc1' Fri, 03 May, 19:09 [nifi-maven] annotated tag rel/nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.3.0 created (now 71dcfbf) Fri, 03 May, 19:14 svn commit: r33895 - /release/nifi/nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.2.0/ Fri, 03 May, 19:19 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6019 Removes "trusted hostname" property. NIFI-6019 Adds support for excluded HTTP headers. Sat, 04 May, 03:47 [nifi-fds] branch master updated (faab599 -> a00030e) Mon, 06 May, 16:33   [nifi-fds] 01/03: [NIFI-6258] Updating checkbox components to use the theme accent colors. Mon, 06 May, 16:33   [nifi-fds] 02/03: [NIFI-6258] Including checkbox styles and using mixin. Mon, 06 May, 16:33   [nifi-fds] 03/03: [NIFI-6258] Removing unused checkbox styles. Mon, 06 May, 16:33 [nifi-fds] branch master updated (a00030e -> 84775e5) Mon, 06 May, 20:39   [nifi-fds] 01/03: [NIFI-6237] - styling for td-chips text input component (no text overlap with filter icon, width matches underline width). Mon, 06 May, 20:39   [nifi-fds] 02/03: NIFI-6237 - move td-chip related styling to _td-chips.scss. Minor tweaks to those styles as well. Mon, 06 May, 20:39   [nifi-fds] 03/03: NIFI-6237 - removing css rule Mon, 06 May, 20:39 [nifi-fds] branch master updated (84775e5 -> 8dacb3e) Mon, 06 May, 21:06   [nifi-fds] 01/02: NIFI-6247 - FDS theming updates for input elements. Mon, 06 May, 21:06   [nifi-fds] 02/02: NIFI-6247 - remove styling for width 100% on .mat-input-container Mon, 06 May, 21:06
[jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-422) Incorporate MiNiFi Java functionality as a specialized assembly of NiFI
Joseph Percivall (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-422) Incorporate MiNiFi Java functionality as a specialized assembly of NiFI Tue, 07 May, 09:41
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-422) Incorporate MiNiFi Java functionality as a specialized assembly of NiFI Tue, 07 May, 13:28 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6096: Fixed ValidateRecord handling of nested maps Tue, 07 May, 15:33 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6267: Corrects error in expression language guide. Tue, 07 May, 15:42 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6026 - First commit which adds a new tls-toolkit mode called Keystore. Should instead integrate the functionality into standalone mode. NIFI-6026 - Updated splitKeystore to use standalone mode with a -splitKeystore argument. NIFI-6026 - Removed unused file and references. NIFI-6026 - Removed some code that is not necessary after doing some argument checking in the command line parsing. NIFI-6026 - Made some small changes to only require keystore password if keystore and key passwords [...] Tue, 07 May, 17:02 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6253 - Fix: UI - Process Group ID display in Operate palette can get out of sync when process groups are removed from different sessions. NIFI-6253 - simplifying loading of a new process group, handle failure. NIFI-6253 - Expose nfCanvas.loadProcessGroup functionality through nfCanvasUtils.loadProcessGroup NIFI-6253 - optional groupId approach to reload Tue, 07 May, 19:34 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6178: Implemented capability to add IP SANs to certs Regenerated test certs for nifi-livy-processors and nifi-standard-processors to fix some broken SSL tests in those modules Tue, 07 May, 21:05 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-2215: Added support for onScheduled and onStopped in InvokeScriptedProcessor NIFI-2215: Incorporated review comments Wed, 08 May, 00:06 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6274 Remove two reference markers from jsonPath docs Wed, 08 May, 00:29 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5933 Stopped using sun's IOUtils. Using apahce's instead. NIFI-5933 Removed unused file with sun.* import NIFI-5933 Removed unsafe of sun.*. NIFI-5933 Added openjdk8 to test Wed, 08 May, 01:59 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5574 Removed usage of Paths.get() due to TEST_RES_PATH being resolved to a string from a URI, which results in platform-specific path information (C:\) when tests are run on Windows. Wed, 08 May, 11:39 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-809: Better support python capabilities and recordreader/writers Wed, 08 May, 11:51 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-835: Use release tarball Wed, 08 May, 11:55 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-266 Add Selenium UI automated tests for bucket use cases Wed, 08 May, 13:33 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-831 - Remove Debug in favor of RelWithDebInfo and use Ninja for this target. Wed, 08 May, 17:13 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-269 Capitalized REST API in doc links Wed, 08 May, 19:12 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-268 Update user guide with upload/download bundle info Wed, 08 May, 19:14 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6085 - Added /access/logout endpoint to allow JWT auth tokens to be removed correctly. Added some tests. Found an error in the KeyDAO which did not allow key deletion. NIFI-6085 - Updated logOut method to use NiFiUserUtils and updated tests. NIFI-6085 - Added some more integration tests. NIFI-6085 Suppressed stacktrace when token is used after being invalidated. Thu, 09 May, 00:49 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6196: Upgrade Jetty version to 9.4.15.v20190215 Updated NOTICE with current copyright year for Jetty dependencies Updated Jetty SSLContextFactory usage, invoke setEndpointIdentificationAlgorithm(null) on server SslContextFactory instances Updated TestInvokeHttpSSL to provide a separate client keystore, rather than reusing the server's keystore Regenerated nifi-standard-processors keystore and truststore, added client keystore Updated ITestHandleHttpRequest, TestInvokeHttpSSL, TestInvo [...] Thu, 09 May, 16:25 [nifi-maven] branch master updated: NIFI-6272 Upgrade to maven-dependency-tree 3.0.1 Thu, 09 May, 18:06 [nifi-maven] branch nifi-maven-1.3.1-rc1 created (now e99508b) Thu, 09 May, 18:29   [nifi-maven] 01/02: NIFI-6284-RC1 prepare release nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.3.1-RC1 Thu, 09 May, 18:29   [nifi-maven] 02/02: NIFI-6284-RC1 prepare for next development iteration Thu, 09 May, 18:29 [nifi-maven] annotated tag nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.3.1-RC1 created (now d41652e) Thu, 09 May, 18:33 svn commit: r33966 - /dev/nifi/nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.3.1/ Thu, 09 May, 18:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-837: Add enable JNI flag and enable mqtt Thu, 09 May, 20:46 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-773 Implemented. Fri, 10 May, 00:56 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-98 - add favicon to nifi-registry docs. Fri, 10 May, 13:04
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