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[jira] [Created] (MINIFI-469) support osx in travis build
Dustin Rodrigues (JIRA)   [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-469) support osx in travis build Wed, 01 Aug, 10:50
ASF GitHub Bot (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-469) support osx in travis build Wed, 01 Aug, 11:05
ASF GitHub Bot (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-469) support osx in travis build Tue, 07 Aug, 18:29
Aldrin Piri (JIRA)   [jira] [Resolved] (MINIFI-469) support osx in travis build Tue, 07 Aug, 18:29 [1/2] nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-584 - update pybind to prevent hang for Python3.7 on OSX Wed, 01 Aug, 10:56   [2/2] nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-584 - update pybind to prevent hang for Python3.7 on OSX Wed, 01 Aug, 10:56 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-586: Move Hashbangs to first line of file Wed, 01 Aug, 14:23 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-587 - fix typo in Wed, 01 Aug, 14:26 nifi git commit: NIFI-5442 Get X-ProxyContextPath value from request attributes rather than directly from headers. NIFI-5442 Populate request contextPath attribute during AccessResource before displaying on message-page.jsp. Refactored shared code from C Wed, 01 Aug, 16:11 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-556 Added initial snapcraft build Wed, 01 Aug, 17:03 nifi git commit: NIFI-5475: Upgraded Hive 3 bundle to Apache Hive 3.1.0 Wed, 01 Aug, 18:06 nifi git commit: NIFI-5480: Use FlowController's maps of components in order to look up component by ID rather than iterating recursively through all Process Groups to find the component Wed, 01 Aug, 23:35 nifi git commit: NIFI-5468 Add toolkit to NiFi docker image and use zip archive NIFI-5468 add keypasswd with the default of keystorepasswd for bc compatibility NIFI-5468 Use ARG instead of ENV for PATH variables as those need to be controlled in the buil Thu, 02 Aug, 13:44 nifi git commit: NIFI-5473 Added section on using external signed CA for TLS Toolkit. Increased TOC level to 3 for ASCIIDOC generated documentation. Fri, 03 Aug, 03:59 nifi git commit: NIFI-5484: Fixed PutHive3Streaming to use the Hive Metastore URI property (to include multiple URIs) NIFI-5484: Incorporated review comments, added unit test for new validator Fri, 03 Aug, 14:38 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINFICIPP-582: Update readme to implement bustache and kafka constraints Fri, 03 Aug, 20:23 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-583: Allow Expression language to compile if CURL is disabled while also honoring the request to disable CURL functionality Fri, 03 Aug, 21:27 nifi git commit: NIFI-5465: Set the Idle Timeout on jetty connectors to the same as the Request Timeout. Mon, 06 Aug, 14:33 nifi git commit: NIFI-5491: Fixed PutHive3Streaming handling of Byte, Short, and Struct Mon, 06 Aug, 18:34 nifi git commit: NIFI-5350 Add a way to provide arbitrary Java options in shell scripts Mon, 06 Aug, 21:04 nifi git commit: NIFI-5400 - Changed the hostname verifier from the custom NiFi verifier to the Apache http-client DefaultHostnameVerifier Removed NiFiHostnameVerifier. Removed NiFi WebUtils usage of NiFiHostnameVerifier. Added unit tests for the Default Tue, 07 Aug, 03:02 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-590: Fix zero length files at startup MINIFICPP-589: Institute regex filtering for interfaces MINIFICPP-589: Limit Pcap to 4.9.4+ Tue, 07 Aug, 13:57 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-573: Remove lower level build information that is unnecessary Tue, 07 Aug, 16:53 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: MINIFICPP-594: Add CapturePacket to Processors documentation MINIFICPP-590: Update boolean to not keep source PCAP -- done in testing for MINIFICPP-590 fix. Tue, 07 Aug, 17:23 nifi-minifi git commit: MINIFI-469 - support OSX in travis automated builds Tue, 07 Aug, 18:28 nifi-minifi git commit: MINIFI-468 Updating Docker resources to next release version and adjusting release binary URL. Tue, 07 Aug, 18:29
[jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-468) Update Docker resources to reflect current versioning
ASF GitHub Bot (JIRA)   [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-468) Update Docker resources to reflect current versioning Tue, 07 Aug, 18:30 nifi git commit: NIFI-5476 Added logic to check CA certificate signature against additional certificates. Moved utility code to TlsHelper. Added unit tests. Added command-line parsing for additional CA certificate path. Added documentation on using the T Tue, 07 Aug, 19:07 nifi git commit: NIFI-5487 Move the packages to a version agnostic path and create symlinks in place, add tests to cover, add missing docs on nifi-toolkit Wed, 08 Aug, 13:58 nifi git commit: NIFI-4434 Fixed recursive listing with a custom regex filter. Filter modes are now supported to perform listings based on directory and file names, file-names only, and full path. Wed, 08 Aug, 16:37 svn commit: r1837681 - in /nifi/site/trunk: ./ minifi/ Thu, 09 Aug, 00:25 svn commit: r1837682 - in /nifi/site/trunk: ./ minifi/ Thu, 09 Aug, 00:29 nifi-site git commit: Moved Jeremy Dyer and Kevin Doran from Committer to PMC list Thu, 09 Aug, 00:39 nifi git commit: NIFI-5448 Added failure relationship to UpdateAttributes to handle bad expression language logic. Thu, 09 Aug, 17:12 nifi git commit: NIFI-5489: Add expression language support to AMQP processors HOST, VHOST and USER Fields. Thu, 09 Aug, 17:27 nifi git commit: NIFI-5381 SFTP Unit Tests Fri, 10 Aug, 18:17 [1/2] nifi git commit: NIFI-5469 Additional italics and code formatting corrections for consistency Mon, 13 Aug, 09:34   [2/2] nifi git commit: NIFI-5469 Additional italics and code formatting corrections for consistency Mon, 13 Aug, 09:34 nifi git commit: [NIFI-5499] upgrade AngularJS to v1.7.2 [NIFI-5499] update package-lock.json Mon, 13 Aug, 15:41 nifi git commit: NIFI-4535 Only update Page Title to root flow name when user has permission. Mon, 13 Aug, 16:46 nifi-registry git commit: NIFIREG-194: Updated VersionedConnection to support load balancing configuration Tue, 14 Aug, 17:47 nifi git commit: NIFI-5423 Removed duplicated dependencies in sub-modules Wed, 15 Aug, 15:02 nifi-minifi-cpp git commit: Change log level to info as error is confusing, this is not an error Wed, 15 Aug, 15:14 nifi-registry git commit: NIFIREG-191 Make formatting consistent in Registry docs and minor fixes Wed, 15 Aug, 18:51 nifi git commit: NIFI-5448 Changed from 'stop' to 'penalize' in allowablevalue field to make the popup more consistent. Thu, 16 Aug, 01:35
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