I am trying to set the main window size, modes, and size of each mode as I have always done in the past with Ant based RCP apps although I can’t seem to get it to work on my Maven RCP app.  I have performed the following:


In the main package of my branding module I selected new Windows Layout.  The app launched in the special mode and I proceeded to size everything appropriately and then I selected close.  I did not create any new modes or rename any existing modes.  An xml file was created for all the modes, but the WindowsManager.wswmgr file which I believe is to set the size of the main window, was not created so I copied it from an Ant project and then added the entry for that file to the layer.xml file as shown below:


    <folder name="Windows2">

        <folder name="Modes">

            <file name="bottomSlidingSide.wsmode" url="bottomSlidingSideWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="editor.wsmode" url="editorWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="explorer.wsmode" url="explorerWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="leftSlidingSide.wsmode" url="leftSlidingSideWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="output.wsmode" url="outputWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="properties.wsmode" url="propertiesWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="rightSlidingSide.wsmode" url="rightSlidingSideWsmode.xml"/>

            <file name="topSlidingSide.wsmode" url="topSlidingSideWsmode.xml"/>


        <file name="WindowManager.wswmgr" url="WindowManager.wswmgr"/>



It’s as if none of the files are recognized because the sizes for everything hasn’t changed.  I also tried adding a dependency on the windows-core module which also didn’t help.  Any other ideas?


Thx Blaine