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From John McDonnell <>
Subject Re: Changes in Netbeans bug reporting
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2019 19:35:12 GMT
I've not had any issues using JIRA, or filling a ticket.  Its performance
is also perfectly fine for me.  I don't think JIRA is "rigged"...

Maybe the logs are quite large?  Surely it would make sense to try to
upload them (or zip them if they are too large), rather than paste them
into JIRA?

Alternatively, if thats not related to the issue, have you considered
opening a ticket against Apache's Infrastructure team if there is an issue
with JIRA?  Those guys there are really helpful and if theres something
they can help you with then that might solve your issues...

As for was it done to look better in the eyes of the community? Well I
don't know...  Obviously there had to be some changes with the migration.
Maybe losing the old exceptions reporting tool is a big loss, maybe it
really isn't.   What I do know that as a developer working with NetBeans
every day at work, I now have more open IDE than I had before, it may not
be quite as polished (my opinion and probably my only negative since the
move).  But I know I can use it, and understand it, much better than any
other IDE.

If I come across a defect, then I raise it in JIRA (again no issues using
JIRA, I find it a much better tool than Bugzilla but each to their own)
and, if its really annoying me, then if I have the spare time, then I can
attempt to solve the problem, and investigate the NetBeans sources and
narrow down the issue, supply a fix and be happy that I've possibly solved
an issue for someone else. Other times I can't find the time, or solve it,
and that is also okay.  See, I understand this is now a project run by the
community, and participation is done during everyones free time, and
everyone has different priorities.


On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 19:13, Greenberg, Gary <> wrote:

> It used to be semi-automatic in previous versions up to 8.2
> I.e. when an error appear in notification window and you open it, there
> was a button to submit report to Netbeans.
> Now it is purely manual – this button is gone. You have to copy content of
> the error log, got to JIRA, create a ticket and paste error there.
> Additionally, JIRA is rigged to not accepting these tickets.
> I tried 4 times to create this ticket, after an error popped this morning
> during background scanning of projects.
> Every time JIRA page becomes unresponsive and has to be killed. Finally I
> gave up.
> I wonder – was it done to look better in eyes of community?
> Gary Greenberg
> Staff Software Engineer
> Data Product Development, BI-A
> E:
> M: 650-269-7902
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