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From Emma Atkinson <>
Subject Netbeans 11.0-vc4 Observations
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2019 20:42:57 GMT
I found time to very quickly test Netbeans 11.0-vc4 with OpenJDK 11 and
fill out the NetCAT survey.  I apologise for missing the deadline.

I have a couple of minor observations that you may be interested in.
1. I like the Git Toolbar buttons.  I hadn't noticed them before.  Most
buttons have icons.  Two don't: <Create Branch> and <Switch to Branch>

2.  The Start Page has a broken link for News and Tutorials

3.  Starting Netbeans 11 on JDK 8 (the default on my PC) generates errors.
Not surprising.  I think it would be helpful to display a warning to the
user suggesting the use of the --jdkhome option on the command line and a
statement about the minimum recommended version of jdk.

Thank you all for the new version of Netbeans.


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