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From "Greenberg, Gary" <>
Subject Trying out NB10
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2019 01:03:12 GMT
My previous laptop broke, so I got completely new one and trying to build my development environment
from scratch.
Instead of NB8.2 which was working for me (with some glitches) for several years I got the
latest Netbeans 10 from
First start was unsuccessful. It displayed the start page and froze. Did not respond to anything.
I had to kill the process through the task manager.
Second attempt was a bit better. At least it did not freeze. However, all menus were displayed
in huge font that occupy half of the screen.
I went to Options->Fonts and Colors and tried to change the font from size 27 to size 12.
I was not able to do that as Netbeans popped me "Authentication Required"
window. No idea why it require authentication but I wasn't able to do it. I tried my login
credentials or the one I used to register a while back on but neither worked.
Same thing happened when I tried to change some other settings. Can some kind soul tell me
how do I authenticate there.
For the same reason I wasn't able to download a single plugin. Download failed due to connection
problems with plugin portal. When I tried to check proxy settings I got the same
"Authentication Required".
So far NB10 wasn't useful for me.
I am far from the noob, only with Netbeans I am working for 20 years (even before Sun Microsystems
acquired it), but this release looks half-baked to me.
I do understand that Apache incubation will cause some disturbances, but did not expect so
many problems.

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