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From Scott Palmer <>
Subject Failing Gradle support for modular JavaFX project in 11-vc2
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2019 17:00:02 GMT
I just recently attempted to make a modular project.  

I’m using JavaFX so I tried the somewhat-official  javafx gradle plugin and used the modular
gradle example from here: <>

NetBeans is not happy with this at all. claims the javafx.controls module cannot be found

The code editor complains about all the javafx imports stating that:

   "package javafx.scene is not visible
    (package javafx.scene is declared in the unnamed module, but module javafx.scene does
not read it)"

Does anyone know the solution?

From the command line ‘“gradle build” works without any complaints.

It looks like NetBeans sees the JavaFX stuff as added to the class path instead of the module

I can use JavaFX in a non-modular way, and I can hack the Gradle manually to insert —add-module
and —module-path args to various build steps, but I was trying to do things based on the


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