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From Christian Lenz <>
Subject Re: Debugging Node.js
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2019 15:39:43 GMT

as already mentioned here:
that one, who wants to jump in and fix it, please have in mind, that we don’t need again
a hardcoded parameter inside of the code. What happens with node v20? Do we need to update
the source again? So we need an Input field with –debug or –inspect prefilled, depends
on the node version. That means, if you change the version back to < 8 or wherever –debug
worked, it will changed automatically or you can change it by yourself. We already have such
Parameter deprecation problem for Sass too which is annoying that the user can’t change
those parameters because it is hard coded.



On 2019/03/05 18:02:14, Jessica Ryan <> wrote: 
> Hiya folks,> 
> I have a node.js project in Netbeans and would like to debug it.  When I launch via the
debug button, I get the following message on the console, and then a few seconds later, I
get the following error.> 
> Console:> 
> "/bin/bash" "-lc" "\"/usr/local/bin/node\" \"--debug-brk=9292\" \"/Users/jryan/JDev/SVN/trunk/Node/CollaborationServer/src/server.js\"">

> Done.> 
> (node:977) [DEP0062] DeprecationWarning: `node --debug` and `node --debug-brk` are invalid.
Please use `node --inspect` or `node --inspect-brk` instead.> 
> Then the following message in a dialog:> 
> Cannot run debugger.  Reason:> 
> <>.ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused)>

> It seems like Netbeans needs to update its debug command for current versions of node.js?>

> Can anyone point me toward how I can update my local copy of Netbeans (I’ve built from
from the 10.0 source) to fix this issue, that’d be swell!> 
> -Jess> 

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