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From "Greenberg, Gary" <>
Subject Executing SQL file in NB
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2018 18:42:25 GMT
I have created database connection  to MySQL in NB 8.2 (I can't upgrade to newer version without
installer due to the company security constraints).
It is working and I can execute some commands.
However, I do have a SQL script in the file which I want to execute.
I do have connection selected in 'Services' tab, but when I click on the button 'Run SQL',
NB always trying to establish connection with default Derby and certainly failing.
Whatever I tried to do to make it use proper connection, nothing works.
Is it a bug or there is a "secret souse" that I haven't apply?

Gary Greenberg
Staff Software Engineer
Data Product Development<>
Mobile: (650)269-7902


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