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From Eric Bresie <>
Subject [NETBEANS-189] Re: SQL Autocompletion - Quoter Refactoring breaks quoter check
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2021 20:57:54 GMT
I’ll try to summarize again…

Trying to fix NETBEANS-189 with PR 2820 which I believe currently fixes the
problem.  I’ve tried to capture details from the discussion in the ticket.

Change in present fix involves adding checks for null when a connection is
not available and allows to progress without a connection, allowing basic
sql auto completion without a connection.

Review change request (which I tried to implement unsuccessfully) leads me
to believe this to be a potentially larger architectural change out of
scope of the original issue and should be addressed as separate ticket(s)
and not hold up inclusion of the fix.

If new issues are needed then I (or someone with more understanding) can
raise them.

I am looking to close out the review (with acceptance where applicable as
I’m newer “commuter”) and submit for next release.


On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 11:33 AM Geertjan Wielenga
<> wrote:

> Just judging from the long mails you’ve been sending on this topic, there
> are probably very few if any who are keeping track of this or understand
> what it’s about.
> My gut feeling is: if it is this complex and convoluted to introduce
> something as narrow and specific as code completion for SQL, there must be
> something fundamentally wrong somewhere.
> Maybe a way forward is to create one Wiki document where you describe step
> by step from scratch what it is you’re trying to do and the exact pieces of
> code you propose to introduce into the codebase for this, i.e., really
> clearly and coherently, where you’re able to explain everything that needs
> to be added for this feature, the broader picture of this can be clarified
> for more people so we can all know what is going on here.
> Your effort and hard work is appreciated, however, I predict another long
> convoluted mail again in response to this request, instead of simply: what
> is this really about, why is it so overcomplicated, can you put it into a
> Wiki where you explain everything, concisely, please?
> Gj
Eric Bresie

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