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From Torsten Römer <>
Subject Compile on Save support for vanilla javac
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2021 19:45:18 GMT

thanks to 
Compile on Save does not require nb-javac any more, so I'd like to 
submit my first PR to NetBeans to remove the note "(requires nb-javac 

First I'd like to say, the manual "Contributing Code" is just great!

So here my questions:

1. Should the "Learn more about Compile on Save ..." link be removed as 
well? Currently the page it refers to does not seem to exist (any more). 
Or should a new page be created?
2. When starting NetBeans for the first time, there will be a 
notification suggesting to install nb-javac. Should this be removed as well?
3. When opening a project when nb-javac is not installed, the plugin 
installer wants to install nb-javac. Should this be disabled?

And something else - when developing NetBeans in NetBeans, how do I get 
my changes reflected in the instance started by running Main?


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