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From Jaroslav Tulach <>
Subject [VOTE] Release 1.7.2 of NetBeans HTML/Java API
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2021 06:33:08 GMT
Hello guys,
interop among Java and JavaScript continues to be a hot topic and as such, I 
am here to announce new milestone with a magnificent improvement[1] in the 
Apache NetBeans HTML/Java API. New version 1.7.2 comes with new annotation 
processor, support for other Java compilers than `javac` and robustness fix in 
the generic presenter. Please find the sources at

with SHA512: 

The bits have been uploaded to staging Maven repository
that I am about to release if the vote passes.

The sources as well as the Maven bits are produced from
tag in the main HTML/Java github repository.

Please test the new release in your project and cast your vote. Thank you for 
your HTML/Java API usage!

[1] Getting the generic presenter right is a tough intellectual challenge - 
converting method invocations into synchronous message passing has many 
gotchas - I hope I finally found the right approach with the `Frame` based 

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