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From Matthias Bläsing <>
Subject Re: OpenJDK Quality Outreach
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:15:26 GMT

Am Dienstag, dem 08.06.2021 um 16:29 +0000 schrieb Kenneth Fogel:
> I am in the public JCP EC meeting and Rory O'Donnell is talking about
> the OpenJDK Outreach program. Currently 161 FOSS groups are
> contributing to this by testing their project on EA versions of Java.
> I did not notice Apache NetBeans on the list though it was not on the
> screen for very long.
> Are we in this program? If we are not should we join it?

what is the benefit? The only thing I'm aware of is, that you are
listed in the wiki. Everything else is open to anyone (at least to my

You can read the communication in the email archives of quality-discuss
and adoption-discuss here:

Given, that we are already few active people, I think the question is

Is Apache NetBeans interested in joining the OpenJDK Outreach programm?


Who will work to make Apache NetBeans part of the OpenJDK Outreach
programm and will ensure, that this does not negatively impact the
development of the project.

If no one steps up with a credible plan, I don't see this benefical.



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