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From Antonio <>
Subject Re: Adding stuff to binaries-list
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2017 14:56:29 GMT
On 07/10/17 15:32, Matthias Bläsing wrote:
> Hey,
> Am Samstag, den 07.10.2017, 14:16 +0200 schrieb Antonio Vieiro:
>> I’m currently reviewing the lexer module. This depends either in
>> “antlr" or "antlr-runtime” (I think it’s “antlr”), so I’ll need to
>> add some stuff to the “external/binaries-list” and the proper antlr
>> license as well (as in [1]).
> can you point to the place where the lexer module depends on antlr?
> There is a demo folder, but that does not look to be part of the module
> itself. So I don't see a reason to change the dependencies or add
> libraries.

There's also a "gen" directory that makes reference to the antlr 
binaries [1].

The gen subdirectory builds an Ant task [2] and a specific build.xml 
file [3] that can be used to generate NetBeans lexers from antlr grammars.

I don't know if any other NetBeans modules (Ruby?, HTML?, JavaScript?, 
etc.) use this ant task & xml to generate NetBeans lexers from their 
antlr grammars.

In that case I imagine those other modules would be responsible for 
keeping track of the antlr dependency themselves. To do that they'll 
have to include the antlr binaries themselves, create the ant task with 
the sources in this module and copy the xml file in [3] and modify it 
not to point to the "lexer/external/antlr*jar" directory.

So to summarize: this module seems to have an ant task that could be 
used by other modules (which one unknown), and that points to 

I think we should go without the binary dependency to antlr and keep an 
eye in case any other module fails.

> According to the core-main repository there were references to antlr-
> 2.7.1.jar and lexer-gen-antlr-2.7.1.jar. These were removed in 2009(!)

Aha, this answers question 1: is the reference.

Yeah, that's what Neo did as well: return to the Source X^D.




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