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From Julien HENRY <>
Subject Embedded error: Unknown artifact type[]
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 16:02:51 GMT

One project I'm dealing with is bitten by an issue when assembling EAR artifact in a multi-module
build. It seems the EAR plugin try to process a dependency that it should not "see" when building
from parent project. The build is ok when building ear module alone.

[INFO] Failed to initialize ear modules
Embedded error: Unknown artifact type[]

I've created a short test case to reproduce the issue. The build fail when using Maven 2.2.1
but is successful when using Maven 3.0-alpha-6. Unfortunately the project will not be able
to switch until Maven 3 is advertised as "stable".

2 questions: 

  - where do you think should I open the JIRA issue? In EAR plugin or Maven core?
  - do you think there is half a chance the bug may be fixed in 2.2.x branch?




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