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From "Lakshman Srilakshmanan" <>
Subject ant dependency list
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:14:28 GMT
Hi All,

Going through the examples provided in "Developing Custom Maven Plugin"
in Better Builds with Maven, I find that example 5.4.2 (Notifying Other
Developers with an Ant Mojo) does not work. The error message is "Failed
to initialise MIME mail" which means that the ant mojo could not find
mail.jar and/or activation.jar.

I have included both the jar files in the maven-buildinfo-plugin pom.xml
and in the guinea-pig pom.xml to no avail. Do I have to pass the
maven.compile.classpath to the notify.mojos.xml. If yes, then could
someone please show me how. I know how to pass it to an external ant
build.xml file, but this ant mojo.xml file exists within the plugin.

Any assistance is much appreciated.


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