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From Paul Michael Reilly <>
Subject Maven2/TestApp/Classpath testing and structuring issues
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 07:54:09 GMT
I am building a long lived Java application (as opposed to a short
lived filter application) that is spawned as a subprocess of some
other application (likely not a JVM).  Commands and responses are
streamed via and System.out, fwiw.

I use the Maven 2 quick start scaffold for this project so far.  In
AppTest, I spawn the app during setup via something like:
Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "java -cp the:class:path" ).

Getting the classpath right for this is proving daunting.  For example
I use JAXB2 and will probably use a few other Maven 2 plug-ins to
create and test the app before I package and ship the app in a jar

So I see two issues immediately: how to set up the classpath for
testing and how to structure the target jar file: whether to include
the dependent libraries (like JAXB) or gracefully fail if the deployed
environment is missing required libraries, something I would rather
avoid.  So, being new to the Maven2 world, I'm looking for some
guidance on how a more experienced Maven2 hacker would approach these



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