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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 - Customizing a build
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 01:45:11 GMT
On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 17:19 +0200, Alonso Dominguez wrote:
> Hi there!
> I'm working in the management of a web application and I am very
> interested in Maven 2.  I build like to do automatic functions and
> custom builds -like launch a embedded tomcat- but since there is not a
> maven.xml and a file I don't know how to do that.
> Shall I copy the goals of the maven.xml file to the <goals> section of
> the pom.xml file? Shall I write my own plugin to do that? Can I invoke
> Ant within Maven 2?...
> If someone can help me I will be very grateful...

Everything in m2 is a plugin so for doing any sort of custom work like
that you will need to make a plugin. This 1) greatly reduces the
complexity within m2 because we only deal with proper plugins. The
maven.xml file in m1 was a psuedo plugin essentially and greatly
complicated the internals and 2) it promotes the sharing of your work
right from the get go. To start with you'll probably write a plugin that
is only applicable to your specific requirements, or your team's work,
but you'll see people asking for some functionality and you'll go "hey,
I have something like that!" and hopefully people who have concrete
solutions will generalize their solutions so they can be shared with
others. That's what we're trying to encourage. 

We estimate that there's a lot of work bound up in project's maven.xml
that is not being shared and we'd like to try and change that. We plan
to make it dead simple to share plugins and hopefully people can use
other project's plugins as a start for a plugin that they may need

Right now you can look at:

If you want to create a non-Java plugin and we are working on
integrating Beanshell in the next alpha to give people another option.

We hope to be able to use Ant tasks from Marmalade but we're not
planning on incorporating Ant's XML scripting syntax. We simply want to
be able to utilize Ant's tasks but I'll let John talk about that as he's
heading up the Marmalade effort.

> Regards,
> Alonso
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Jason van Zyl
jason at

People develop abstractions by generalizing from concrete examples.
Every attempt to determine the correct abstraction on paper without
actually developing a running system is doomed to failure. No one
is that smart. A framework is a resuable design, so you develop it by
looking at the things it is supposed to be a design of. The more examples
you look at, the more general your framework will be.

  -- Ralph Johnson & Don Roberts, Patterns for Evolving Frameworks 

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