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From BRUNOT Sébastien <>
Subject RE : "In-Place" Web Development
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 08:53:27 GMT
I used to agree with that... I've been coding J2EE app for two years now,
always using this way of working, and considering two distinct processes :

1) Code Authoring, done by the developper, using this "in-place"
structuration ;
2) Module Assembling, done by the architect, using ant...

But what about testing : can you set an efficient unit testing environment
with "in-place" structuration ? Wich steps are necessary to run cactus tests
for example ? Do you think your developpers will go through this steps each
time they modify code ? With maven, this is a single command operation that
build, run tests, deploy...

Another point is That "in-place" structuration is impossible for your ejb

Sebastien BRUNOT

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Dave Ford [] 
Envoyé : vendredi 1 août 2003 01:17
À : Maven Users
Objet : "In-Place" Web Development

How do people do "in-place" web development with Maven? I have been
developing web apps "in-place" now for quite some time (pre-maven). By
in-place, I mean the following:

- My development servlet container (Resin) runs an un-jared web app
- My development webapp and the executable webapp are one in the same
- Jikes/IntelliJ places class files directly in WEB-INF/classes
- My servlet container is setup so that it doesn't cache pages or class
  so i never have to restart anything or reload the web app

This is super convenient and fast. I can make changes to jsp pages and .java
files, press ctrl-F9 in IntelliJ, Alt-Tab to the browser and F5 to see my
changed web app. The time between making a change and viewing the change is
1/4 second. I'm used to this.

So now, I've set up my web app to work with Maven's war plugin and I have
lost the in-place development luxury because I have to run the war:webapp
goal every time I want to run my JSP. So, I'm considering ditching what
appears to be the standard way of doing webapps with Maven.

Q1: Do people actually work this way? That is, copy the entire webapp folder
every time they want to test out a small change in a jsp or class?

Q2: If not, how do they organize the webapp to do in-place web development
but also.

Dave Ford
Smart Soft - The Developer Training Company

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